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It is estimated that within our region 300 to 400 children, under the age of 18, suffer a life-limiting illness. 40 to 50 of these children will die this year.

The Nicholas Trust is committed to the care of children in the final stages of their young lives. The trust has established services and facilities specialised to the needs of children with life limiting illness and their extended families.Through the support of many individual, community and corporate groups the trust has successfully advocated for the provision of Paediatric Palliative Care services for our children.

Establish: Through extensive fundraising efforts, the Nicholas Trust will support the provision of specialised services and facilities for terminally ill children and their families in the Northern Child Health Network. This will address the medical needs of the child as well as providing for the emotional and spiritual requirements of the family.

Advocate: The Nicholas Trust acts as a voice to raise awareness both publicly and politically. The trust operates to ensure the commitment of the wider community to the final care of children with a terminal illness.

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