Letters of Gratitude

“Our daughter Kate sadly passed away recently aged 16 months. In the final months, days and hours of her life the Nicholas trust room on H1 was made available to our family. Having the use of these wonderful facilities made an unbearable situation easier. From one parent to another who has felt the deepest loss I am in awe of your determination to ease the suffering and allow families to be together, providing great comfort in what is truly a time of need.”

“Our beautiful son Ethan was born with severe brain damage and was entered into palliative care in the second week of his life. Ethan lived for 30 days and we cherished each one of them. We were extremely grateful to be able to stay in the Nicholas Trust room at the John Hunter Hospital, this was a huge blessing to us. The room allowed us to live in our own “little bubble”, just our own little family, keeping the rest of the world outside and giving us the space to just enjoy our precious time with Ethan.

We were able to have a necklace made with his fingerprint on it, which I wear every day and also hand and foot moulds so we will never forget how tiny he was.

The final blessing you gave us was helping us pay for his funeral. You will never know how much relief that was for us.

Your organisation touched us so much, supporting us during our darkest days.

Our lives have been forever changed by the loss of our son. We sincerely thank you for the courage, patience and generosity it has taken for all those involved to turn your circumstances into something that we know will help many people in years to come.”

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Families have utilised the facilities at JHCH, Maitland, Taree and Tamworth
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