Our Inspiration

Nicholas Butters
Born 6th July 1990 ~ Taken to Heaven 8th December 2004

With his soft blonde hair, flawless skin and delicate features Nicholas drew admiring looks. His older brother Coen cherished him and his younger brother Alex adored him.

The world was Nic’s playground, he explored, digested, questioned all around him. It was obvious to us as a family and all who knew him that he was wise beyond his years.

All through his life Nic was the most loving, caring, gentle boy. He loved life and gave to all he met. Nic’s strength of character enabled us, as a family, to cope with the challenges of his treatment. Nic’s nine year battle against cancerous brain tumours did not diminish his spirit. Surgery, radiotherapy, four lots of radiosurgery, five bouts of intensive chemotherapy, immense pain and suffering only intensified Nic’s fortitude, trust, giving and passion. He never ceased to amaze all around him with his ability to deal with adversity without his loving, good nature faltering. His life although far too short was filled with love and courage.

Nic’s sense of humour and his ability to make those around him laugh coupled with his zest for life inspired all. He gave unconditional love and happiness to all.

Nic loved playing games. Board games or card games would end with Nic as the ultimate winner. Alex and Nic would play all day long entering an exclusive imaginary world.

Nic’s gift to us was being able to share his life. The memories he has given remain richly vibrant and his love is felt every day.

As Nic began to succumb to the tumours he made sure that each day was filled with happiness, he never complained, he only asked that we hold his hand and walk with him as he guided and filled us with his compassion, warmth and understanding.

His fight for life was so remarkable that his last breath was one of disbelief and shock. We cradled him as he quietly passed away. His serenity and beauty enveloped us all.

Nic is sadly missed, his love and life we carry with us always.

Rest in Peace our precious, beautiful Nicholas.

The Nicholas Trust Book
This book was produced in memory of Nicholas Butters — the inspiration behind the Nicholas Trust for Paediatric Palliative care. The Trust, through community and corporate support, has funded two stunning patient and family rooms, a parent retreat, a state of the art schoolroom, and teachers’ offices. The rooms will afford privacy, support and solace for all children with a life-limiting illness and their families.
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Nicholas Trust
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