The Little Piece Of Me Project
2021 – 2024

A collaborative project supported by the Nicholas Trust

The project features over 70 families who are at various stages of their journey.

The project enables families to create a photographic pixel portrait –a technique that uses pixel images to create a singular large image. With the team’s guidance and assistance families gathered photos of people, places and things that have helped shape their child’s life.

Once collected/the photos were arranged by Andrew Christie to create a portrait of their child.

The process provided families an opportunity to reflect on their child’s journey.The final art work creatively captures the wonderful lives of the children and adolescents outside their illness and offers a tangible memory telling their unique story,.

The portraits celebrate the importance of understanding the many facets of identities while highlighting how patients and their families create an atmosphere of resilience, adaptability and creativity during often-trying times of uncertainty.

Changing Lives Today!

It is so often, through adversity, that we are challenged to make a difference. We could not save Nicholas, but we could ensure support for families who find themselves in a similar situation.